Proof of Animal Mechanics in HM:BTN

This is a brief pictoral analysis of the mechanics of barn animal affection in HM:BTN. Let's meet the cast, shall we?

Here are the cows...

Here are the sheep...

And here is ArtMoney, the program that tells us what the game is doing with the animals. For reference, here's who's who:

Barn Animal 1 through 5 are Happycow through Mixcow, in the order shown in the above cow list image.
Barn Animal 6 through 10 are Happybaa through Mixbaa, in the order shown in the above sheep list image.

Now, let's get to the details. As each name suggests, I'm going to only tend to them as listed (along with giving them food).

Happycow and Happybaa get the full treatment (brush, milk/clip, and talk).
Brushcow and Brushbaa only get brushed (no talking or milking/clipping).
Milkcow and Clipbaa only get milked and clipped (no brushing or talking).
Talkcow and Talkbaa only get talked to (no brushing or milking/clipping).
Mixcow and Mixbaa get brushed and milked/clipped, but not talked to.

Here's the happy animals. Now, let's go to bed...

If you look at the affection, you'll see that only Happycow, Happybaa, Talkcow, and Talkbaa got a boost of 4 to their affection. The others all got a boost of 1. As you can see, milking and brushing them has no effect whatsoever on their affection.

And that, as they say, is that.

2004 Sky Render

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